Heiman Fire’s Thunderstorm Slide In Unit is built for the rigors of the fire service, and we ensure all components are of the highest quality to maximize the integrity, durability, and life of the unit.

Mounted on a heavy-duty full length aluminum base, and equipped with a choice of 250 gal, 300 gal, 400 gal, 500 gallon or custom NFPA compliant G3 Fire MAGNITUDE copolymer polypropylene tank, one of the highest quality tanks in the industry.

With your choice of a powerful Waterax High Pressure or High Volume pump with a Honda engine, mounted on an attractive powder coated base. The stainless steel manifold is equipped with 3 piece, fire service kit repairable, stainless steel valves with NH thread and easy to turn ball control handles, a Guzzler hand primer, and liquid filled gauge.


Roller and spool assembly


high pressure flexline plumbing with stainless steel couplings


Color coded water and foam fill towers


Guzzler hand primer


Water and foam sight gauges


Honda engine


Scotty foam system


Stainless steel valves with ball control
handles on a painted stainless steel manifold


Completely enclosed control panel with on/off start, low pressure protection override, vernier throttle, choke, liquid filled gauge, low oil light, & light shield with LED light


Powder coated pump base


Heavy-duty full length aluminum base


Field replaceable pump end technology

“Having a mini control panel with switches, etc. and levers and valves that were consistent with controls on full size apparatus, made it much easier to train personnel, and the quality of valves and controls were better than competitors. Performance exceed our expectations.”

“The pump is just outstanding- the pressure at low motor speed, the guys are very well pleased with the performance and ease of operation.”

“Price and quality are excellent.”

“We liked the pump quick removal of the pump for maintenance. The pump delivers good volume and pressure, it is very user friendly, anyone can operate it.”

“The quality of the unit stood out from others- very well made.”

Standard Features


94” L x 48” W

250 gallon: 52” H       300 gallon: 56” H
400 gallon: 66” H      500 gallon: 74” H

or custom tank size 

• Choice of Waterax Pump with 24 HP Honda engine
• 250 gallon, lightweight & corrosion resistant G3 Fire® MAGNITUDE copoly polypropylene tank with limited lifetime warranty
• Booster reel, 1” with manual rewind
• 100’ 1” booster hose
• 3 piece stainless steel valves with NH thread and
ball control handles
• Tank to pump line with valve
-High Pressure: 2” valve
-High Volume: 2.5” valve
• 3 gal fuel tank with G3 Fire copoly mounting
• Push/Pull control rod for tank to pump
• Field replaceable pump standard! Quick-release pump end clamp and 2 grooved bolt-on coupling clamps provide ease of maintenance without having to disassemble the entire unit.
• Stainless steel manifold
• Expandable discharge manifold with garden hose
High pressure model: (1) 1.5” stainless steel
gated valves with ball style handles. 3 piece style,
fire service kit repairable.
High volume model: 2.5” x (2) 1.5” gated wye
• Liquid filled gauge on discharge manifold
• 2 1/2” inlet with cap
• 1” tank fill line
• Heavy duty Guzzler hand primer with metal top
• One year warranty on the unit

Call 1.800.831.8547 to start building yours today!

Slide in Unit models and options

Thunderstorm Slide In Unit

Built for the rigors of the fire service at the highest quality to maximize the integrity, durability, and life of the unit. Choice of 250 gal, 300 gal, 400 gal, 500 gallon or custom NFPA compliant G3 Fire MAGNITUDE copolymer polypropylene tank, and fully customizable to fit your needs. Ask about available stock units!

Budget Friendly Slide In Unit

We streamlined our Heiman Thunderstorm Slide In Unit so we could offer you a budget friendly alternative. All the superior durability, performance, and effect that you would expect, but at a deeply discounted price.

UTV Skid

Slide this unit effortlessly into your UTV to transform it into an agile wildland firefighting machine. The unit is built with a 60 gallon, rectangular, NFPA compliant G3 Fire® copolymer polypropylene tank with built-in 5 gallon foam cell.