Nicholas Larsen - Heiman Fire Equipment Project Manager

Nicholas Larsen – Sales Manager

Nicholas Larsen started his journey Heiman Fire by working between the shop floor and the warehouse. Starting on the floor gave him a taste of fabrication, assembly, plumbing, and inspections of the fire apparatus while on the shop floor. He started learning the equipment while handling the products in the warehouse. He then started to facilitate the warranty services for both Heiman and Rosenbauer apparatus while continuing to work on both the shop floor and in the warehouse.

Nicholas started working firsthand with our outsides sales team, vendor representatives, manufacturing partners, and facilitating trade shows, while working with the previous Sales Manager as he was transitioning into retirement.

Prior to joining Heiman, Nicholas was enlisted in the Marine Corps as an Assault Amphibious Vehicle Crewman. That hard-work mentality and hands-experience has been invaluable with providing our sales team and vendors the tools they need to succeed.

It is satisfying to me knowing that the apparatus, equipment, and services that we provide have a direct impact on the lives in the communities that we serve. It is even more rewarding to hear the success stories from the firefighters while performing their job duties. I also enjoy the experience of navigating new ideas while collaborating as a team. Everyone’s input and suggestions are welcome which brings many different perspectives from different experience levels.

When Nicholas isn’t helping our sales team, you can find him spending time outdoors at the family cabin. He loves to hunt, fish, UTV and go boating. Nicholas’ favorite thing however is spending time with his wife and their son, watching him grow and learn new skills. We are lucky to have such a motivated and talented person on the Heiman Fire team.

Nicholas Larsen

Project Manager
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