East Valley Fire Dist., Helena, MT


•  Aluminum body

•  ROM power roll up doors- Shutter Series III with Quest 2000 power lock system

•  Transverse compartment with bi-directional roll out tray

•  Aluminum transverse basket storage area with holding strap

•  Aluminum storage for backboards (accessible on both sides)

•  Adjustable shelving

•  SCBA brackets mounted in the compartment

Rear 1200# roll tray

•  Vertical tool board 30″deep mounted above roll tray

•  Airbag storage module

•  SCBA bottle compartments

•  Upper coffin style compartments

•  Shadow Command Light mounted on the top

•  Arrowstik

•  FRC Spectra slim profile scene lights

•  Nerf bars

•  Rear receiver

•  Tow eyes