Skid Units

Heiman Fire’s Thunderstorm Slide In Unit is built for the rigors of the fire service, and we ensure all components are of the highest quality to maximize the integrity, durability, and life of the unit.  
Mounted on a heavy-duty full length aluminum base, the slide in unit comes equipped with a choice of 250 gal, 300 gal, 400 gal, or 500 gallon NFPA compliant G3 Fire MAGNITUDE copolymer polypropylene tank, one of the highest quality tanks in the industry. 
The slide in comes with your choice of a powerful Heiman High Pressure or High Volume pump with a Honda engine, mounted on an attractive powder coated base, for maximum performance. The stainless steel manifold is equipped with 3 piece, fire service kit repairable, stainless steel valves with NH thread and easy to turn ball control handles, a Guzzler hand primer, and liquid filled gauge. 

We can craft custom units to fit any unique need. Take a look at our brochure here for additional information or give us a call! 1-800-831-8547


Heiman UTV Skid Unit

Heiman UTV Skid Unit from Heiman Fire on Vimeo.



Transform your UTV into an agile Wildland fire fighting machine! 60 gal tank with built-in 5 gallon foam cell, ultra high pressure foam system, 13HP Power Pro engine, foam proportioner control module, dual action foam spray gun, 100 ft. of 1/2” high pressure hose, and manual reel and rollers. Give us a call for more info!

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All our units feature the highest quality copolymer polypropylene tanks manufactured by G3 Fire . To learn more about the tanks, visit G3 Fire's website here.

Click through the images to view various configurations and styles of slide in units we have done! 

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Many options to customize your slide in unit with your department supplied truck. Let us customize to fit your needs with lighting packages, grill guards, bumper monitors, and much more! Click through images to see what we have done, and give us a call to see what we can do for you!



The unit features a lightweight 250-gal, hand constructed, textured copolymer polypropylene tank, manufactured by G3 Fire. This tank resists all types of corrosion and features full NFPA baffling. The tank has clearly labeled foam and water fill towers with a removable strainer to filter out debris, and easy to read water and foam level gauges.  The lid is removable for cleaning, service, and access to the water and foam sections.
To learn more about copolymer polypropylene and our partnership with G3 Fire click here.



The standard unit comes with a Waterax pump with Honda engine. Call for additional pump options and details.